GBChampionship rules. Step by step for joining the free Gran Board competition

Welcome to Gran Board Championship. This is the list of things to do in order to join any GBC competition. Participating is free as long as you follow the rules.

Step 1: Register. You must enter a valid e-mail and a password you can remember, and confirm the e-mail sent to you.
Step 2: Once confirmed, you must login into the site and upload a photo of yourself.
Step 3: You have to complete the data about your location and time zone. Also you will have to fill your birth date and current rankings. This is all in PROFILE Tab.
Step 4: You have to read this rules and mark the right answers in RULES Tab. As this is an online game, it's fully based on honesty and fairplay, so you have to follow the rules and understand the playing way, as they are the same for everyone.

Step 5: You have to add before your nickname in GranBoard (via tablet or cell phone) the text GBC. The reason for this is to be able to locate your opponents in an easier way while they're in online mode. For example, if your name in GranBoard is John, you'll have to change it to GBC John. You can do this via the App in "My Page", then go to the last option at right, chose your user and press EDIT, then just rewrite your name with the GBC prefix indicated.

Step 5: In CHAMPIONSHIP Tab, you can ask to join a competition suitable for you. We'll check your data and give you access if there is a free slot for you. You'll be informed via e-mail.


Step 1: . Once you are already approved in a competition, you can check your status in the STATUS Tab, You will be able to see the rules for this particular tournament and who are your opponents, the timing to play and so on.

Step 2: Once you know your next opponent, you'll be able to chat with him in order to set an hour for the play. You have to be aware of the time zone of your opponent in order to find a day and hour suitable for both. Plase, try to use english all the time as there will be users worldwide, and it's considered a standard as Gran Board Team confirmed to us.

Step 3: When you get in the game with your opponent, the camera must be pointing clearly at your face, to be easily checkable with the opponent photo in this site. You can say hello to your opponent making this gesture with the hand, so the other party will know that this is going to be a competition match.

Step 4: Play as usual and what's indicated in your tournament.

Step 5: Once all the games are over, you'll have a result, for example 701-WIN, Cricket-LOSE, 701-WIN. You have to go to STATUS Tab and set that result. An e-mail will be sent to the other party to confim it.

Step 6: When the opponent confirms the data, you'll be able to contact to your next opponent, and so on till the end of the games.