Have you already ask for participate in a league?. If not, go to Championship Tab and choose the level in which you want to play

Next league will be distributed in 8 contestants, and you will hace to play twice with each other, one being Home and one being Away.

Each play will consist of 3 matches, 701, Cricket and 701 and will be played in that order. It's up to you to end the 701 in Master Out mode (it means ending with a double, triple, or bull)

You will have to play once as Home and once as Away with each player. Will not have to be necessarily at the same time. Finally, you will play 6 matches with each player.

Once you are done, will have to come back to this site to introduce the results, and it will be confirmed by the other party.

You have 6 weeks to end all the matches.

What are you wating for?...Come on!